Basic Component

The basic component of the Content Management System was designed to target professionals who do not have HTML or other coding knowledge, to update and maintain a website as often as necessary with instant results. The user-interface for the CMS is entirely built within the web browser, so that no extra technical knowledge is required.

To make a change to the content of a website, the user would logon to a designated Administrative section of the website. From there, the user is presented with a selection of Tools to make the kind of update necessary, for example; layout changes, text revisions, updating images, viewing statistics, etc.

Brief Overview

Each Tool is straightforward to use, for example; revising text requires the user to directly type in the revisions, or cut and paste directly into the browser.

Once the revisions are satisfactory, the user commits the changes by pressing a button and, instantly, the live website is updated with the new revisions.

Layout Editor

Change the layout of your page by selecting a different pre-created template. Instantly, your site is updated using the new template. Each section or page of your site can use a different template - by using different templates for different sections, your site doesn't suffer from the cookie-cutter look. Each template is professionally designed specifically for you - so no other site has your design but yours.

Story Editor

The Story Editor lets you edit stories or articles directly in your browser - there is no need to know any HTML code. Fix spelling mistakes, revise facts, and click a button, and it's instantly updated. The Story Editor contains sophisticated features such as:

  • auto-page breaking
  • auto-archiving
  • set publish time; set the date when you want your updates to be made live if you don't want them to appear instantly
  • add remove embedded images