E-Business Solutions Provider

Our approach will be to work with your company to develop your website in a phased approach. We realize and understand that your website needs to grow and be implemented in a controlled manner in order to see results.

You know your business, you know what works for you and what has worked for you in the past. This is important. We know our business and what works online.

We will work with you to combine your knowledge of who and where your consumers are and what their needs are with our technical knowledge of promoting business and selling products and services online.

We have helped our clients expand their bricks & mortar established business with a new channel of clicks & mortar businesses.

We have helped them to expand their revenue streams and to enlarge business networks by selling their products and services to markets they are not able to reach without Internet.

We help our clients to realize the potential of Internet to leverage their business today with e-business.

Website and Interface Design

We believe in functionality that comes with adequate “fashionality”, and your visitors will appreciate a site that is easy to navigate through, loads fast, and presents its information clearly.

Multimedia and Interactive Design

Interactive design such as presentations or animations can capture your audience's attention and conveys information in an interactive medium. The medium can range from website Flash animations, or interactive multimedia CD-ROM applications.

Dynamic Tools Development

Bring more functionality out of your website, increase visitor returns, and streamline your processes with dynamic tools.

  • Opt-in Email Lists
  • Threaded Messaging System
  • Database-enabled Link Listings
  • Guestbooks, e-Postcards, Email Page to a Friend features
  • Email to Fax Gateway
  • Dynamic Events Calendar

E-Business Tools Development

These simple, yet powerful tools enable an administrator within your company to add products, delete products, change prices, add press releases and track consumer buying habits. And much more.

  • Database-driven product management tools
  • Real-time Credit Card processing
  • Server Security Certificates
  • Fully Functional Proprietary Shopping Cart System